Radiotherapy: Past, Present, Future — With Implications for Africa.

Dr. Barkati is a radiation oncologist at the University of Montreal Health Centre (CHUM) in Canada. She is also an assistant professor in medicine at the University of Montreal. Dr. Barkati participates actively in clinical research in oncology and as a member of many national and international research groups. Since 2015, she has participated as an expert in African missions to train radiation oncologists in brachytherapy, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

In this episode, she presents an overview of the history of radiotherapy, including how this impacted the local context in Québec. She then describes the cancer burden in Africa in addition to the development of and current radiotherapy resources available. The barriers that may impede access, as well as potential solutions are discussed. These are further explored and illustrated in case examples, using her experiences in several African countries through her work with the IAEA.

To view the session, please click here.

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