Global Challenges in Radiation Oncology: A Medical Physics Perspective

Dr. Jacob Van Dyk is a Professor Emeritus in Oncology and Medical Biophysics, and Adjunct Professor in Physics and Astronomy at Western University. He has more than 40 years of experience working in Radiation Oncology Medical Physics, with organizations including the Princess Margaret Hospital, the London Regional Cancer Program, and the International Atomic Energy Agency. He has extensive experience in teaching in low resource settings, and is a founder of Medical Physics for World Benefit (, an organization focused on partnering by providing intellectual support for lower resourced settings.

In this episode, Dr. Van Dyk discusses the global status of Radiation Oncology, highlighting key challenges, especially from a Medical Physics perspective. He addresses the growing demand for the implementation of treatment technologies and related activities over the next 15 years, and medical physics-related stresses and deficiencies in the context of lower-income countries and to consider factors that may aid their alleviation.

To view the session, please click here.


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