At the 2015 ASTRO Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, the Global Health Rotation Initiative was officially launched!

We are very excited about this initiative, which hopes to make global health electives easier to access for interested trainees. This initiative is a collaboration between the CARO International Communications Subcommittee with ARRO Global Health Subcommittee, the ASTRO International Education Subcommittee, the ABS International Committee, and GlobalRT to catalogue available host sites for global health electives in radiation oncology. There are currently 17 elective opportunities posted…and counting!

The opportunity to undertake a radiation oncology rotation in a low-resource setting provides a seminal global health experience for young radiation oncologists at a critical juncture in their career development. It allows trainees to improve awareness of the challenges that arise in providing cancer care in resource-poor settings while fostering opportunities for lifelong collaborative education, research, outreach, and advocacy efforts. One of the barriers that has been frequently cited to participating in such an elective is the difficulty in setting it up. This database intends to help with that process.

In order to gain access to the database, log onto GlobalRT and create a free account. You will then have access to the full catalogue of electives available. All of the sites listed have approved their participation and welcome applications from trainees at their sites.

Login to your GlobalRT account to view the interactive electives map to learn about potential opportunities and contact information!Untitled.png


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